Project Number:  2020-1-PL01-KA204-081824

The Project “Psychological Resilient Parents” aims to create an avid pool of material (manual, multimedia platform, best practices report) and an especially designed Training Course for parents to enhance their psychological resilience and subsequently amplify their efficiency as parents.

The material will include information and practical application inspired from a vast variety of approaches and it will be divided in 5 core pillars:

(1) The Body and Senses (Self-Regulation, Physical Activity, Mindfulness, Connection with Nature

(2) The Emotions (Observing thoughts, Hormonal Balance, Tai Chi)

(3) The Mind and Beliefs (Positive Psychology, Meditation, Mindfulness Practices)

(4) The Society (Healthy Relationships, NVC – Nonviolent Communication)

(5) The Universe (Sense of Belonging, Meaning of Existence, Arts and Creation).

RESILIENT PARENTS aims to raise awareness to the general public, providing information on how important is for parents to take care of their own emotional and psychological health in order to be more efficient and effective to their parental duties, set a healthy example to their children and enjoy a more fulfilling and wholesome life in general. To achieve that RESILIENT PARENTS will:

  • Provide access to learning offers especially adapted to the needs of parents
  • Support parents to acquire and develop basic skills and competencies
  • Development of innovative tools for parents to build capacities
  • Improve parent’s psychological resilience
  • Improve children’s wellbeing

RESILIENT PARENTS Consortium is constituted by 5 partners from 5 different countries (Poland, Cyprus, Italy, Czech Republic, & Greece). The leader and coordinator of the Project is Fundacja Understanding / POLAND – Krakow and the duration is for 30 months (December 2020 – May 2023). At current stage (M4), all partners are conducting the Preliminary Qualitative Research, which will help the Consortium to identify specific needs and practices, which are correlated with parent’s ability to cope with stresses and challenges of everyday life, whilst also performing their parenting duties and responsibilities efficiently.  The data collected will be discussed among the partners after the conclusion of all Research Steps (Focus Groups, Interviews with parents and professionals working with parents, Questionnaires) and will be utilized in order to create the user-friendly Handbook for parents and relevant Training Material.