Erasmus+ project 2020-1-PL01-KA204-081824

We live in a time when society places considerable demands onto young people; to find a job that they enjoy, to be independent and active citizens who benefit the society within which they live. At the same time, the modern day is characterized by its rapid pace and digital development. All of this can result in many issues not only mental problems for children and young people. Parents have an important role to play in the development and upbringing of these young individuals. The project aims to help parents build and strengthen their children’s psychological resilience.

The Resilience for Parents project discusses the need for parents to be effective and resilient in education and at the same time to set an example for their children. The project wants to bring a wide range of tools and aids to help parents strengthen the mental and physical well-being of both themselves and their children. Due to the modern day’s rapid digital development, parents are often faced with challenges and problems that they themselves did not experience during their childhood. It is therefore necessary to equip parents with new skills and knowledge, thus providing them with support.

The authors have created this project with the idea that it is important to prepare and mould parents so that they lead their children to a balanced range of emotions and to peaceful resolution of conflicts, thus preventing excessive stress and consequent mental burnout of their child. The project will include concepts from positive psychology and pedagogy but will also touch on the concept of Mindfulness and elements of yoga.

The authors will compile a comprehensive handbook, which will summarize, based on current research, knowledge, and methodologies for building resilience, as well as expert answers to frequently asked questions from parents or specific case studies and inspirational stories. Based on this text, the partners will create various activities and tools for parents, which they can then use to effectively lead their children to a healthy mental state. All project outputs, including webinars and instructional videos, will be freely accessible to parents on an interactive web platform.

Partners from five European countries are working on the project together. The interconnection of Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Greece and Cyprus allows all organisations and institutions to bring their respective national perspectives to the project, but at the same time to think about the issue in a European context. The project also benefits from various specialisations of its partners, thanks to which the issue is professionally catered for and the project outputs will thus help to improve the European situation in the field of children’s psyche.