We are very much interested in Erasmus+ KA2 projects.
In most projects we participate in, our role is to:
– accredit the project’s training activities,
– place the training certificates at a relevant level of the European Qualification Framework.
– issue certificates and Europass Certificate Supplements with transferable ECVET units.

Other than that, to our partnerships we also bring:
Knowledge of

– teacher training and trainer training course design and implementation
– school access programmes (design of material and activities, training of facilitators, etc)
– inclusion theory and practice (migrants, refugees, special needs, disadvantaged, ICT, elderly, NEETs, talented)
– accessibility theory and practice (of people with mobility issues, the elderly, etc.)
– asylum seeking theory and practice (+ access to refugee camps)
– online learning theory and practice

Skills to
– design and develop educational materials
– design and implement courses and learning activities (for students, teachers, etc)
– design, deliver and manage online learning platforms and courses
– design and implement school access non-formal learning activities
– design accessibility interventions at schools, camps, etc
– design inclusive classrooms, schools, camps, etc

-our database of local NEETs that have attended our courses
-our database of schools and educational organisations that have attended our teacher training courses in Greece (and abroad)
-access to refugee camps in Northern Greece

Our projects

Modern Education in Cleaning (MODULE)

Erasmus+ project 2022-1-EE01-KA220-VET-000086667 Rapid changes in society and Covid pandemic have highlighted the importance of cleaning services and posed challenges for the training of professional cleaning managers in Europe. MODULE aims to offer more flexible training solutions and uplift the professional training quality level. The main objective of the project is to raise the competences of 

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Erasmus+ project 2020-1-PL01-KA204-081824

We live in a time when society places considerable demands onto young people; to find a job that they enjoy, to be independent and active citizens who benefit the society within which they live. At the same time, the modern day is characterized by its rapid pace and digital development. All of this can result 

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Erasmus+ project 2019-1-FR01-KA201-062855

This project aims to create a methodology to make the most of comics as a pedagogical tool for inclusive English language learning, and to provide teachers and students with the tools to create their own comic pages for innovative pedagogy.Outputs: Pedagogical guide on the practical uses of comics in education Digital comics creation guide for 

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Erasmus+ project 2019-1-UK01-KA204-061975

Participation and Recreation through Inclusive Martial Arts Education and E-Learning PRIMAE is funded through the Erasmus + KA204 – Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education Call 2019. The overarching ambition for the impact of the project is to increase levels of engagement in inclusive coach education, especially for persons with a disability in Europe. A secondary 

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Erasmus+ Project No: 2017-1-EL01-KA204-036310

THROUGH OUR OWN EYES Pieces of art dealing with the emigration experience in Greece, Turkey, Italy and France This partnership was triggered by the difficulty our schools and adult education centres face regarding the inclusion of newly arrived refugees. Some of our non-migrant students have difficulty accepting refugees in our classes and radicalization of both 

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ERASMUS+ PROJECT N. (2018-1-IT02-KA204-048064)

Digital@dults.eu is an international Erasmus +  strategic partnership project of cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices The project aims to disseminate good practices at European level through the training of trainers, who can provide digital skills, particularly in the use of social networks applied to the world of work to disadvantaged adults. 

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