ICT in your Class – course details

ICT in your Class – course details

The course will help participants to learn how to use new technology to everyday teaching. Another aspect will be to introduce ways of use culture heritage in teaching by using ICT tools.

Participants will practice their newly acquired knowledge in a real time scenario in which they will visit and study a place of interest (e.g. ancient Messini, historical center of Kalamata, etc) and prepare online lessons for the chosen field. In that way the course will work in another level combined the ICT skills with the European Culture and history.



  • 15/5/2016 – 21/5/2016
  • 30/10/2016 – 5/11/2016


  • 12/2/2017 – 18/2/2017
  • 2/4/2017 – 8/4/2017
  • 7/5/2017 – 13/5/2017
  • 2/7/2017 – 8/7/2017
  • 20/8/2017 – 26/8/2017
  • 15/10/2017 – 21/10/2017

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, the expected objectives for participants will be:

  • to be able to use WEB 2.0 tools in classroom
  • to make ICT tools look easy in the eyes of an amateur, in computers, teacher.
  • introduction to collaborating learning  while using on-line tools
  • provide methodology to project based learning with the help of WEB 2.0 environment
  • encourage the teachers who participate to involve WEB 2.0 tools in their everyday lessons
  • using tablet / laptop in  the classroom
  • to improve their competence in English;
  • to help teachers design educational activities for their lessons
  • to learn how to enhance cultural heritage into teaching
  • to increase their motivation and satisfaction in their daily work;
  • to understand European culture
  • to develope a sense of European citizenship and identity through participating in a community of European teachers and trainers;
  • sharing experiences and best practices among the participants
  • become familiar with the Europass tool.


Every participant will have to fill a questionnaire which helps the trainers to customize the course to better fit their needs.

Attendants will get instructions and material which will help them to be prepared for the courses needs.


The main aspect of the course is to promote collaboration between participants. Lessons will be held in our computer lab and all around the city as the main objective is to learn while having fun. Our approach is to base the teaching process in practical rather than theoretical knowledge. The course is designed to learn from the practice and to be able at the end of the course the participant to be able to effectively use their own e-learning environments.

The course is hosted in a fully equipped computer lab and it is not necessary for participants to have their own equipment with them

Learning components

  • Introduction to web 2.0
  • Web tools
    • collaborative teaching with wikispaces
    • blogs (wordpress, blogger)
    • easy building of a website with weebly
    • online presentations with prezi
  • WordPress administration
    • templates
    • widgets
    • plugins
  • Use web 2.0 tools to teaching
    • the example of ancient messini
    • project work with wikispaces

Follow up

The participants will get material which includes information about all the areas covered at the course, lesson plans, all the produced outcomes of the course, useful links and more.

The above material can be freely used by the partisipants at their school.

Target Group / Who is this course for

This course is for every teacher in primary, secondary or vocational training. Only very basic knowledge of computer handling is needed!!

Contact us for any question, worries or anything else you want to tell us. We are happy to help you!

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